The Best Donuts In Lakewood!

Yummy’s Donut House: The delicious donut taste you grew up with.

7 Days A Week: 5:30a-2pm | 303.986.0483

No Gimmicks, Just Sweet, Soft, Delicious Donuts!

Specializing in high quality ingredients instead of gimmicks, Yummy’s Donut House bakes up mouth-watering tastes and sweet, soft bites of heaven every day. Hand crafted donut perfection you’ve come to expect at Yummy’s Donut House!

Real customer reviews from Yelp

“A super fluffy pillowy texture than just melted in your mouth each and every bite. I purchased 2 special dozen for my office and they were a total hit.”

“For a [Yummy’s] “specialty” donut, their cinnamon, sugar & coconut donut is delicious. It’s definitely the fluffiest of the bunch and goes great with coffee.”

“You can keep your VooDoo and your Winchell’s because this is the best doughnut place in Colorado, hands down! Every doughnut [at] Yummy’s is perfection.”